The Urban farmer gardener program

The Urban Farmer Gardener Program offers a remarkable opportunity for us to revive our local economy, harnessing the power of urban farming and gardening. By embracing this program, we empower each member of our community to become an active participant in their own economic prosperity. The program will equip individuals with the necessary knowledge, tools, and resources to cultivate their own green spaces, growing an array of nutritious produce, vibrant plants, and medicinal herbs.
Not only does the Urban Farmer Gardener Program hold the potential to enhance our financial well-being, but it also presents a gateway to healthier lifestyles. The bountiful harvests reaped from our urban farms and gardens will supply us with fresh, organic, and nourishing sustenance, enriching our diets and promoting overall well-being.
Together, we can create a sustainable future, where our community flourishes with thriving gardens, vibrant local markets, and a strong sense of self-sufficiency. The Urban Farmer Gardener Program invites each one of you to join hands in revitalizing our local economy, nurturing our environment, and cultivating a community that thrives in both abundance and unity.

Essentials for any successful community

Cape Town, South Africa: Urban farming on the rise to boost people's food  security | Climate & Development Knowledge Network

Looking at local, cost and energy-effective food security:

Square foot gardening is a clever approach to growing food.

It’s easy to do, easy to manage, very adaptable, and it produces high yields of top-quality food.
We have added the protection of resources, and human dignity, removing the bending and hard work, and capturing for re-use the sun-warmed, activated water which all plants love and thrive on.
If you have space for an urban farm table garden, but you’re no expert, or new to growing food, first choose a good site.
What makes a good site?
Lots of sunshine and lots and lots of that “well-drained, rich, loamy soil” the seed packets tell you to plant your seeds in as if the stuff grows on trees.
So just choose a good place where there’s enough light, we’ll fix the soil by bringing in the tables which contain the soil, at hip height so no more bending, very little weeding and massive savings of water, space and money.
The most important part of the growing of vegetables, and plants in general, is the soil, which should be alive with microbes, etc.

My Urban Farm

Urban farming or urban agriculture, especially during the pandemic, has been a talk of many. But what exactly does that mean, and why all this interest now? Urban farming or agriculture, as we know, is the cultivation or production of food in a location with a lot of people, such as a town or municipality or urban areas. Urban agriculture is distinctive from community gardening since the previous involves commercial movement; whereas, the last-mentioned for individual utilization and sharing.

Although this is not a new concept, the interest in urban farming or agriculture has escalated during the pandemic where the state of food security and sufficiency in some parts of the world and even in the country started to recess. This type of farming helps sustain a household through the food supply and even augment income from produce.

Here are some of the advantages that urban farming or agriculture can give you:
1. Self-fulfillment by growing or producing the food that you eat.
2. Eagerness to grow and produce more food as they seem nutritious and knowing that it is safe from toxic chemicals.
3. Utilize waste such as plastic wares as planting pots and biodegradable wastes that can be used as a natural fertilizer to grow and produce food readily available without much expense.

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